Civil Lawsuits


We are very experienced in representing clients in civil lawsuits in court, sometimes in front of a jury and sometimes in front of a judge without a jury. We represent people who need their rights protected in a wide variety of legal topics. These include civil lawsuits that we have filed against persons who caused, either deliberately or through negligence, for the following types of cases:

  • wrongful death of a human being.
  • serious personal injury from vehicle accidents, hunting accidents or other situations (except not worker’s compensation cases, as that is a specialized category not included in our legal practice).
  • real estate easement and driveway disputes.
  • breach of contract and disputes about interpretation of language in contracts.
  •  ownership of land, including marketable title issues and adverse possession issues.
  •  construction disputes involving houses and other structures.
  •  claims of fraud and violation of duties in connection with estates of deceased persons and people acting under a power of attorney.
  •  collection of unpaid bills.
  •  foreclosure proceedings.
  •  partition proceedings (forced dividing of jointly owned property).
  •  violations by “bullies” of various legal duties.

Many civil litigation cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, which means that we don’t charge you any attorney fee unless we win your case for you. You do have the duty, however, to pay the costs of the cases. Sometimes special arrangements can be made. Other civil lawsuits are handled on the basis of an hourly charge. We will take the time necessary to meet with you and learn about your case and investigate to determine whether we believe you have a reasonable basis for winning the case, and also the most fair method of charging a fee. If the case involves real estate, we go to look at it.

We represent clients in civil lawsuits in both the District Court and Superior Court in various counties of western North Carolina. We also represent clients who have administrative hearings in front of various licensing boards and other administrative bodies.

Knowing the procedures to follow is just as important as knowing the legal theories to use in the lawsuit. We are experienced in both of these critical areas and are willing to talk with you about the facts and laws involved in issues that are important to you.

Click on this link to see a general summary of the time frame and what is involved with the process of a civil lawsuit. All civil lawsuits are different and the facts will always determine exactly what must be done, but this will give you a reasonable, general idea.